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5 Habits That Will Help You Maintain a Minimal Kitchen

5 Habits That Will Help You Maintain a Minimal Kitchen 0

Creating a beautiful, minimal kitchen requires a lot of work on your parts, such as organization and clean-up work.

But maintaining a minimal kitchen is a whole different story. It is because clutter is a part of your life. And you may be able to have it under control - most of the time - but there are times when it seems to beat you.

Here are the five habits you need to adopt if you want to have a minimal, well-organized kitchen at all times.

  • Wash Your Dishes During Cooking

No one wants to wash a sink full of unwashed dishes, but in many kitchens, this happens almost daily. If you leave the dishes dirty, within a few hours, you will have a messy sink. Be sure to wash your utensils and all the dishes you use during cooking. Immediately after eating, wash the dishes, and you will always have a stainless sink.

  • Clean your countertops every night

No matter how clean your countertops are, if you place many appliances on them, the result will not appear neat and organized at all. Every night before going to bed, store whatever doesn’t need to be on your countertops. This way, you will wake you up every morning to a perfect, organized, minimal kitchen.

  • Be very strict about what you bring to your kitchen

Keeping your kitchen minimal is not just about organizing what is inside the cabinets and drawers but also staying out of the way whatever you don’t need. Your space is valuable. So it is a good idea to keep only the necessary.

  • Eliminate Clutter on Small Surfaces Often

You don’t need more than 15 minutes a day to eliminate clutter, and you will always have a perfect, clean, organized, and minimal kitchen. You will be amazed at what you can do in such a short time. 

How To Save Space In Your Closet

How To Save Space In Your Closet 0

Small wardrobes often feel like they don't fit enough clothes and shoes (at least not as much as we'd like), but with some smart moves, you can save space and conveniently organize your belongings. 

  • Get rid of anything you don't use

It seems obvious, but the truth is that our wardrobe often contains good things. If there are any clothes or shoes, you have been using for more than a year or if some clothes are no longer fit you, collect them, store them in boxes and donate them or put them in a warehouse. You will see that with this simple move, you will save much space in your closet. 

  • Utilize the top shelf

Use all the available top shelf's storage space by installing a pull-down hanging rack to hang clothes to the ceiling in your closet and still have access to them. It is an efficient way to add extra closet space. Install a pull-down rack to hang pants and skirts on the top and beneath them, at eye level, place shirts, and blouses. Pull-down rods are also helpful for those with physical limitations, including the elderly and those who use wheelchairs. 

  • Focus on the corners 

The corners of a closet are usually left untouched. To make use of these, obtain

racks on which you can hang belts, clothes, and accessories.

  • Use the doors 

A closet door is an ideal place to store things. Use hooks to hang your ties, bags, or scarves, and add special shelves with fences for your shoes.

Take Advantage of Your Kitchen Space

Take Advantage of Your Kitchen Space 0

It is not an easy task to accurately organize a cupboard or a kitchen counter. Most of the time, the space available is insufficient. If you need to have immediate access to kitchen items, you create a full stack of objects against the décor you want the kitchen to have.

If you want the kitchen to be more organized, consider the ideas below that promise to arrange your kitchen items cleverly. Take advantage of places you never thought could become necessary.

  • Blackboard in the cupboard

Create your own table in the kitchen where you can chalk anything you want. It can be either the quantities and dosages you want to remember, a recipe you often forget and make, or the next day's shopping list. Because the aim is to save kitchen space, make your chalkboard inside a cupboard. All you need to do is paint the inside of the door cabinet with a special chalkboard spray that you can get from a paint shop. Then, you open the cupboard whenever you need to mark something. 

  • Blind corner cabinets

 A blind corner cabinet is two base or wall cabinets that meet in one corner, with the other part hidden. It's called blind because you can't see what's hidden inside the portion of the cabinet, making it difficult to use that space. However, with Kesseböhmer's Hafele LeMans II Set for Blind Corner Cabinets, you can take advantage of your kitchen's blind corners. 

  • Organizing spices 

You love to use spices for cooking, but every time you get to look for what you need in the cupboard. Take advantage of a kitchen cabinet to store your spices there. You're going to need a spice rack which you will mount to the inside of the cabinet. Then you'll need jars with a metal lid to magnetize, stick and stand inside the cupboard. Therefore, you will have a very well-organized and well-hidden effect. You can also use the name of the spice inside to stick labels on each jar to avoid confusion.

  • Hanging jars

If you love decorative glass jars that you can fill with cereals, pasta, spices, and anything else you want, but your countertop is too small, the following way can help you keep your kitchen decorated with some of it. Screw-in the jar lid just under a cupboard and just above the kitchen counter with a screw and an electric screwdriver. All you need to do then is to screw and unscrew the jar into the lid every time you need it inside. And your hanging pots are ready to impress.

5 Tips to Refurbish Your Home Office

5 Tips to Refurbish Your Home Office 0

Typically the most overlooked and the least decorated room in your home is your home office. Since you won't receive or spend a lot of time with your guests in the home office, you'd instead decorate other rooms, such as the living room.

It's time to change and make every single boring home office stand out and become unique.
Follow these 5 tips and get everyone to comment and compliment how amazing your home office is.

 Of course, you'll need stationery when you're sitting and working in your office. After all, the office is still a part of home decoration. Add a stylish lamp, files, and folders, but also add more personal items like a photo frame.

  • Lighten it with color 

Select your favorite color and paint with this the wall behind the desk. You could paint the wall's entire surface or just a little bit. Play with contrasts and colors. For greater contrast, you can even use wallpaper with patterns.

  • Scale-up

Even if your office furniture is too simple, small or monotonous, just above the wall you can add shelves to create a separate office corner in the room already in place. Also, a special and convenient chair will make your home office stand out.

  • Organize with style

If you want to have a calendar, notes and papers, and anything else you need in your office, just do it in style. To match the rest of the decoration, hang on the wall bulletin boards symmetrically and in color shades. Turn whatever you want to hide into the most intriguing decoration of the office.

  • Create an office space from scratch

If you do not have an office space in your home, you can design it yourself. Choose any corner in the living room, hallway, or bedroom, and hang up a large wooden shelf at an office-friendly height. Add a chair and a table and no one will deny that this is your new home office!

6 Tips to Increase Natural Light Inside Your Home

6 Tips to Increase Natural Light Inside Your Home 0

Want to make your home brighter without spending a lot of money on power bills? Here are six tips on how to increase the natural light inside.

  • Use mirrors 

Mirrors reflect light, so it is best to have as many mirrors as possible. Hang mirrors against windows or glass doors to maximize the natural light in your room.

  • Paint with light colors 

Paint with bright colors that reflect the sunlight better and a wall in soft tones like gray, cream, or pale blue will bring natural light into the room effectively and economically.

  • Move furniture 

Some bulky furniture often prevents sunlight from entering your home. Move the furniture near the windows so that they are all a few centimeters away.

  • Replace thick curtains

If your curtains are too thick, then natural light will not easily come into your room. Replace the thick curtains and choose thinner fabrics, such as cotton or linen.

  • Don't use blinds

If your room is relatively dark, then don't make it even darker by putting blinds on your windows. Better leave your windows bare or add thin curtains.

  • Extra tip 

Buy furniture with glass or metallic colors.

  • Elvira E
4 Magic Tips To Make Your Home Look Bigger

4 Magic Tips To Make Your Home Look Bigger 0

While you love your home, do you complain about its small spaces? Do you think all the things in the living room are stacked and every room looks a bit heavy and dark? But there is a way to transform it into no time!

  • Avoid bulky furniture

If you place a large compound in your already tiny living room, then you will close the space even more. Remember that all furniture must be small and allow light to diffuse into space. 

  • Use bright colors

You must pay particular attention to the color of your walls, curtains on windows, and carpets. The lighter the colors, the better. White is a must!

  • Mirrors

A mirror is the key to small spaces! You can, for example, use it at the end of a hallway, in the living room, or anywhere else in the house that fits. It's an excellent trick, and you will love it!

  • Do not forget about purging

It is mainly a clarification and not a tip. The tidier a home, the bigger it looks. The spaces must be comfortable and free to move around.

 Follow these four magic tips, and although the squares remain the same, the spaces double!

  • Elvira E