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7 Tips That Will Put Your Bedroom In Order

7 Tips That Will Put Your Bedroom In Order 0

Our bedroom is the most personal space in our home. So, it must always be organized and tidy. While in our bedroom, we rest, we dream, and of course, our bedroom is where we see the first light of the day. You can create an organized room by following these 7 tips below.

  • Empty everything

Empty your closets, drawers, and storage areas. Only then will you be able to organize your belongings accurately and put your room in order. Once you have emptied them, just put them in place by category, throwing away everything you do not need and use.

  • Add storage space

Add as much storage space as possible, but make sure they do not take up too much space. An excellent place to store things is under the bed. You can place the clothes you do not need at any time of the year or pack items that are not useful to you in your daily life. Alternatively, a beautiful chest of drawers can undoubtedly serve as storage space but also beautify the bedroom.

  • Add a shoe rack

Shoes are a nuisance in many homes as they are the first thing you take off when you enter the room, and they usually stay there on the floor until you wear them again. Put a shoe rack in one part of your closet and keep your shoes out of sight and organized.

  • Arrange your accessories

Try not to throw your accessories and jewelry right and left. Buy a jewelry box or a few beautiful boxes and organize your accessories to always be in order. Put the boxes in a prominent place to see them and wear your accessories more often. You can even add labels to them so that you know what is in each box.

  • Make your bed

The bed must be made daily and ready to welcome you again every night in its fresh and clean sheets. When you wake up in the morning, make your bed immediately and not leave it for later because you will most likely never make it.

  • Dust/wipe

Don't get bored with dusting and sweeping because if your bedroom is free of dust and dirt, you will have a calmer sleep and you will wake up more refreshed in the morning. Take care of your room to take care of yourself!

  • Child's room
If you want to keep your children's rooms tidy, you need to buy some baskets to put in their toys, which is usually the leading cause of clutter.
Organize Your Closet In Just 8 Days

Organize Your Closet In Just 8 Days 0

Whether you have a small or a large wardrobe, here are some tips for organizing it as best you can. Experts in organizational matters suggest some excellent ideas on how to fix a closet where chaos prevails.

Organizing is a skill that almost anyone can learn if they make conscious decisions. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make it happen. A proper redesign of the space can turn your chaotic closet into the closet of your dreams.

Follow these 8-day tips, and you will be able to have the most beautiful and organized wardrobe in almost one week.

  • Day 1: Throw away anything you haven't worn in a year

Examine all your belongings carefully and see which ones you haven't worn or used in the last 12 months. If you haven't worn an article of clothing in 1 year, you're not going to wear it next year either.

  • Day 2: Remove anything that is not clothes, shoes or accessories 

A classic mistake that many people make is to place irrelevant things in their closet. Stacks of books, work, notes, and decorations come into the closet and take up the space you need for other things.

  • Day 3: Use the same hangers 

Using the same hangers throughout your closet is an essential part of staying organized. You can find a hanger style that suits you and buy them slowly until you replace all the old hangers. If your closet is modern, get some black powder-coated hangers to illuminate the space.

  • Day 4: Purchase Adjustable Drawers 

Adjustable drawers are the right solution for shoes or folded clothes. They are very convenient, and especially if they are transparent or metal with gaps, you will be able to see what you place inside them.

  • Day 5: Make your shoes easy to access
Shoe fences for shelves have many advantages. They don't cost much compared to other furniture. Shoes are stored open and bring the necessary ventilation and air in them. Also, you can arrange your shoes in order, by color or function. This is a great benefit, especially when you rush in your morning routine and are required to dress quickly. You will know where all your shoes are and choose the most appropriate pair with just a glance.
  • Day 6: Gather all things lying on the floor 

Look around your room. Are there any shoes, clothes or accessories lying on the floor? If so, arrange all articles and accessories in your closet or purchase extra shelves and drawers.

  • Day 7: Place your bags in a convenient place

Most women buy a lot of bags and end up using the same one every day. This happens because they do not have the rest of their bags in a convenient place. Place your bags in a place where you can see them every day. After all, what you do not see in your closet is not going to be worn.

  • Day 8: Re-organize your closet every 3-6 months 
Your closet is not going to be 100% organized forever if you don't sort it out every 3-6 months. For example, every Saturday, you can put it in order so that it is never messy for more than a week.
6 Tips On How to Store Winter Clothes

6 Tips On How to Store Winter Clothes 0

There is no more beautiful day than the one you realize that you will not wear your thick sweaters and coats until next winter. The heavy winter is over and now is the time to start wearing your spring clothes.

Here are the 6 things you need to remember if you want to store your winter clothes properly over time.

  • Start by cleaning everything 

The biggest and most effective tip is to start by washing and ironing all the clothes you are going to pack. And when we say everything, we mean everything. We know that this is a very tedious process but unfortunately it has to be done even if you have not worn some clothes, these will definitely have come in contact with your worn clothes and their smells.

  • Remove any plastic bag from your clothes 

Never store anything with the bag from the dry cleaner that covers your articles. Plastic bags trap moisture that can damage your clothes.

  • Invest in special plastic storage bags 
It may not be possible to store sensitive clothes in plastic storage bags, but you can certainly store clothes that are not very sensitive, such as shirts, jeans, woolen sweaters, or polyester sweaters.
  • Pack sensitive clothes differently 

Sensitive clothes, such as silk, cashmere, and organza, must be carefully wrapped in a special paper and stored in 100% cotton bags.

  • Do not hang the sweaters 

Even if you have a lot of closets and you intend to store your sweaters in them, do not hang them as they will overflow. Instead, fold them carefully and store them in storage bags, removing as much air as possible. It is advisable to put some anti-moth in the storage bags, and your clothes will remain in the best possible condition until next winter.

  • Store them in the right place

Make sure your clothes are stored in a cool, clean, dry, and dark place like up high in a closet. You may use a motorized closet rod or a manual pull-down closet rod to access hanging clothes in the unused closet space at the top where a shelf is unreachable because of its height. This way you can take advantage of that valuable space. It is also an excellent solution for anyone with a physical disability.


7 Smart Ideas To Add More Space In Your Kitchen

7 Smart Ideas To Add More Space In Your Kitchen 0

Whether you are planning to refurbish your kitchen or want to know about new trends in decor, then discover some smart and functional ideas that will make your life easier. A kitchen with the right interventions can be 100% functional and have plenty of space to sit and enjoy your food or coffee. You have to exploit it properly.

  • Pull-out table system

A brilliant idea is a hidden, comfortable, pull-out table system. You will open the pull-out table whenever you need more counter space and cutting surface on the regular countertop, or whenever you want to have your lunch or breakfast. You can save space by pulling it out only when you want to use it. This table system is especially suitable for small kitchens that lack space.

  • Install the waste bin inside a cabinet

Empty a kitchen cabinet so you can free space for the trash and recycle bin. This way, you won't have to waste valuable floor space and even reduce odors. Put the trash container in the cupboard and put the bags by it to replace them with ease.

  • Add drawers under your kitchen island

It is essential to make the most of your kitchen island. If a kitchen island takes up too much space on its own, why not take advantage of it? Add some drawers under the kitchen island and fill them with glasses, dishes, and kitchenware.

  • Install a pull-down shelf above the oven

You can install a pull-down shelf in the space above the stove and reach top shelves that would be impossible to outreach. This way, you will create more cabinet space and have what you need in hand.

  • Install a 90° pull-out base rail 

There is usually a gap between the kitchen and the cupboards. You can organize your baking trays, serving trays, or cutting boards, and even your towels with a Pull-Out Base Rail. This way, you save more space, you keep your kitchenware handy, and you will have more free space on your countertop and kitchen cabinets.

  • Install a pull-out kitchen tower 

These are shelves, which have a mechanism for coming out like drawers. With a compact design, you efficiently store your everyday kitchen utensils. The kitchen tower automatically glides out when you open the cabinet door, and the items are accessible from 3 sides. These shelves are very functional and will make it very easy for you to reach your utensils if you do not have much time at your disposal.

  • Pull-out spice rack
Install a pull-out spice rack in which you will have materials that you use frequently. Besides spices, you can store coffee, sugar, flour, and salt. The spice rack will keep the supplies close to cooking and preparation areas. Also, with the pull-out spice rack, you make sure that no dust or insects enter.
9 Tips For Fast & Easy Ironing

9 Tips For Fast & Easy Ironing 0

Ironing may help some people relax, but most of us don't want to spend our free time ironing, and not unfairly! Many of you think that you can press your clothes in a few minutes and end up ironing 4 to 5 hours because your clothes are not iron ready. If you want to save time ironing clothes then the following tips are a must-know.

  • Use the right amount of detergent

Follow the dosage instructions on your detergent carefully. Add the suggested amount without exceeding it because clothes that have an excess amount of detergent and not appropriately washed tend to wrinkle more easily.

  • Separate clothes based on fabric and weight 

It is advisable to separate some fabrics so that the most sensitive ones wash separately. Also, separate your clothes into heavy and lightweight clothing to avoid excessive wrinkles on light clothing when you wash them with more heavy clothing.

Choose the right detergent for each garment. Divide your clothes into white, black, and colored to protect them during washing.

  • High temperature

High temperatures generally deteriorate clothing. But if you want to remove a solid stain, you can apply a high-temperature wash. High temperatures eliminate strong stains while helping to make your laundry more "dry." However, to avoid intense discoloration and tinting of your clothes, use traps that block excess colors.

Extra tip Put the detergent in the particular washer case and add 1 cup vinegar, which reduces wrinkles in clothes.

  • Don't overload your washing machine

By putting many clothes in the washing machine will make your clothes less clean and more wrinkled. It will result in repeated washing and spending a lot of time ironing.

Extra tip

Small Load: Fill the washer by 1/3.

Medium Load: Fill the washer at 1/2 (the best choice for clean clothes, which do not wrinkle too much).

Large Load: Fill the washer by 3/4.

  • Softener 

Softener helps keep clothes soft, smells great, and at the same time, significantly reduces wrinkles. However, often we exaggerate by adding more softener to the washing machine than the recommended amount.

  • Choosing the right program

If your goal is to spend less time ironing, then select a laundry program for your clothes that ensures that your articles don't get too tight in the laundry bin.

  • Hang sensitive clothing 

Fabrics such as linen and cotton wrinkle much more than the more robust synthetic materials. That is why you can hang your clothes on hangers until you iron them. Place them near the bathroom because moisture helps prevent them from wrinkling (make sure you always have a window open so that your clothes do not smell bad due to too much moisture). 

  • Fold your clothes

Many people pick the clothes off the dryer and immediately put them in a stake until they find the time to iron them. For most unwrinkled clothes possible, it is best to fold them carefully.

  • Spray with a mixture to reduce ironing time 

If your clothes are very dry, moisten them with a mixture that you can easily make yourself. This blend will dramatically reduce the time of ironing your clothes—Mix 1 cup of distilled water with 1 tsp softener. Put the mixture in a steamer, shake it, and spray it on your clothes while ironing.


Check our laundry room solutions and make your life simpler!


3 reasons why you should iron your clothes:

  1. Ironed clothes look great on us, raise our confidence, and create a pleasant feeling of freshness and cleanliness.
  2. Believe it or not, ironing is a relaxing job! According to modern psychoanalysts, any work that frees your mind to wander any paths of thought is a good idea for relaxation, strengthening the brain and eliminating the stress of everyday life.
  3. Ironing is also antimicrobial. As we iron, high temperatures develop. It helps fight germs, which is made even more effective by using steam. It is the reason why many people, even iron underwear.

    5 Home Furniture Ideas For A More Comfortable Small Apartment

    5 Home Furniture Ideas For A More Comfortable Small Apartment 0

    Those of us who live in small apartments know that it can be quite tricky to decorate as we wish, and it is a challenge to make room for all our personal belongings. It is also a challenge to make the apartment comfortable and functional, using various techniques. However, it seems that everything starts with the choice of home furniture. Furniture is what determines how much space is left to move around each room.

    One could say that it is sufficient to put small furniture in small apartments. However, there is one major issue in this regard. The problem is, every home should be comfortable and welcoming to the people who live in it. Small furniture does not always achieve the purpose we desire. For us, the selection of furniture should be guided by the design of the apartment and take into account its particular needs. We've put together some inspiring furniture ideas to suit the needs of most small flats.

    • Corner sofa

    Do you want your living room to have enough space to relax with your loved ones after a busy day, but don't know how to fit two sofas? Don't worry; this is a widespread issue in small apartments. The solution is to put a corner sofa in your living room, which rests against the wall behind it. The location of the couch is critical to saving space. We place the corner sofa on the wall as tightly as possible to leave space in the center of the living room. This space gives the illusion that the living room is more spacious. As you understand, it is essential to keep the center of the room empty and not filled with armchairs, footstools, and other unnecessary items.

    • Glass table

    Glass surfaces are vital when decorating small compartments. Since you can see through their transparent surface, you feel as if they are not restricting space. A glass table is ideal for your living room for the same reason we mentioned above. It is good to have a space in the center of the living room to give the illusion that it is more abundant. However, we understand that there is a need for a coffee table in the living room. For this reason, glass tables have become so popular, and they are also ideal for minimalist decorations.

    • TV lift
    A Television-lift, TV-lift for short, is an electrically powered mechanical system that lifts televisions vertically out of furniture, ceilings, cabinets, etc. The main reason for using a TV lift system is to save more space when you don't use it and to integrate the television into the existing interior design of a room without the TV disrupting the overall design appearance.
    • Large mirror

    The mirror is a must for any home for the practical purpose it covers. However, for small apartments, they have a dual purpose. The first goal is to reflect your image, and the second is to reflect the surrounding space. It makes the room look bigger than it is, creating a visual illusion. Of course, this illusion is very useful because it makes the room look more spacious, solving part of your problem. In other words, the mirror cannot solve the problem of confined space in your apartment; however, it may make you forget that it has a limited capacity.

    • Bed lift

    The bed is the only bedroom furniture that cannot miss from the room. However, it tends to be the bulkiest furniture in the area and generally the most massive furniture in small apartments. What you need is a bed lift for maximum space-saving. In this area, you can put things you use every day. So, you save valuable space and help you arrange your items properly.

    • Folding dining table

    Do you want a dining table in your kitchen without getting annoyed when you don't need it? The solution for you is the folding furniture. In other words, you need a table that opens and closes quickly but also chairs with the same properties. The excellent point about this idea is that the furniture that folds is reasonably priced and is usually more economical than solid furniture. At the same time, they allow you to move them where you need them for the purpose you need them. Their only disadvantage is that they usually lag in comfort. A folding chair tends to be more uncomfortable than a fixed chair; however, you will solve this issue with the use of pillows.