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Useful Tips For Home

7 Mistakes You Make When Ironing And How To Fix Them!

7 Mistakes You Make When Ironing And How To Fix Them! 0

Learn how to avoid damaging your favorite clothes and your iron. Whether you have become a professional in ironing or are taking your first steps in, it is good to prevent the following widespread mistakes. 

  • Do not iron clothes that are too dry

Your clothes should be slightly hydrated so that you can iron them much more quickly. You will make ironing a piece of cake by spraying them with a special spray for ironing. 

  • Do not iron your delicate clothes last

The iron needs more time to cool than to heat up. Start ironing fabrics that require the lowest possible temperature (such as polyester and silk) and continue with cotton and linen. If you do the opposite, you risk "melting" your fabric. 

  • You use tap water 

The latest technology irons can "withstand" tap water. It is advisable to use distilled water in the appliance. Deposit or mineral in the water will lead to generate the scales and block the steam holes.

  • Clean your iron 

Many things can stain your iron. Make sure you clean it often with a mixture of baking soda and water when it is cold, or if it's hot, use a special paste that you will find on the market. 

  • Do not run your iron over metal objects

Make sure to keep the soleplate of the iron very smooth. Do not run it over metal objects such as against the ironing board, buttons, zips, etc.

  • Do not store your iron while it still has water inside

Always make sure to empty your iron before storing it. So the water that is left inside won't destroy the inside of the iron. 

  • You are using the wrong ironing board 
Ironing boards may not have evolved much, but Hafele's Wall Mounted Ironing Board makes the difference. This super innovative German-made ironing board features a 180° rotating turning mechanism, locks in left, right, or inclined position, and is ideal for left or right-handed people. It is the perfect solution for your laundry room, guesthouse, holiday home, and perfect for motel and hotel rooms.  With Hafele's Ironing Board, you will save a lot of time; you will save space and make ironing a breeze!
The Smartest Ways to Put Your Kids Room In Order!

The Smartest Ways to Put Your Kids Room In Order! 0

Does the children's room resemble a battlefield? See how you can bring it back to normal with style and imagination! Dolls, cars, books, markers, etc. We understand why it may seem impossible to tidy up the children's room, but there is hope! Aside from the fact that it is never too late to teach your little one simple and easy ways to organize his toys, the truth is that setting and managing the children's room can become a fun and easy process for everyone. The only prerequisite is to follow the tips below:

  • Find the spot

It is essential for every child to feel that they have a space in the home that belongs to them and can call it "their own." And because his toys should not be scattered everywhere in the house, all you have to do is let him choose the part of his room where he will store and put his toys so that you do not find them scattered everywhere. 

  • Extra space

Whatever your budget is, there are several cost-effective solutions on the market to solve the problem of storage space for a children's bedroom: shelves, colored boxes, and baskets to small trunks and hangers. 

  • Add color

To make the organization of the children's room more enjoyable for both you and your little one, all you have to do is decorate them! In what way; The happy decorative stickers with children's themes, the vivid colors, the blackboard, and the children's paintings are the surest solution. 

  • Stay low 

Place the shelves and storage boxes low so that your little one has direct access to them and doesn't need to call you every time they want to pick up or return an item from and to them.
Extra tip: your kids will not have excuses anymore for the clutter that dominates their room! 

  • Group everything

In collaboration with your child, put the items in his room in groups according to their purpose and type. Next, decide which items will be stored on which shelf, storage box, etc., and place them in the appropriate storage space. 

  • Put labels 
Have you decided where and what will be stored? Do not forget to tag what you keep. Arranging and reconciling will become much easier not only for you but also for your little one.
Tip: for you, just one word may be enough to remember each object's correct position, but for the younger members of the family, it is better to use pictures. For example, put the painting, sticker, or photo of a toy out of the box with the corresponding toys. And when all the items have their declared place in the children's room, you will see that the money you spent on organizing the games will go to waste!
These Are The Changes You Must Make To Get A Stylish Kitchen

These Are The Changes You Must Make To Get A Stylish Kitchen 0

The kitchen is one of the essential areas of the house. The whole family spends a lot of time in it, especially if there is no dining room. Now you can transform it and give the style your kitchen lacks without spending a lot of money. Below you will find some great ideas to adopt. 

  • Cabinet Doors 

Cabinets take up most of the kitchen space, so a small change in cabinets can completely change the entire kitchen's look. One of the changes you can make is to paint your cabinets yourself. It is very fashionable lately for the top row of cabinets to be painted differently from the bottom. If your kitchen is small, paint the upper cabinets white to look more significant to the eye. If it is large, paint the bottom white and choose a bright color for the top to emphasize the space. Yellow is an excellent color for the kitchen because it creates a feeling of hunger. If you want to renovate your kitchen, you can keep the cupboards and only change the doors. You will save a lot of money, and the look of your kitchen will change completely. Another way to renew your cabinets is to cover them with wallpaper. A beautiful option is to dress the doors with a wallpaper that looks like wood. Another solution is to stick to beautiful tiles with lovely patterns. Choose the thinnest and lightest ceramic tiles as possible so that your cabinet door does not hang in the future. Glue the tile with some silicone, and you are good to go.

  • Shelves 

A reasonably economical solution to change your kitchen's style is to remove the top row of cabinets and place shelves. A kitchen in which the dishes themselves and the glass shelves are considered decorative elements is entirely out of the classic data. 

  • Tiles 

If you want to renew the kitchen tiles completely, it is good to know that you do not need to remove them. You can use a special coating applied directly to the surface you want to paint before applying the final paint, let it dry for 24 hours, and then re-paint the kitchen tiles with any plastic color. 

  • Wall-table

If you have a table in the kitchen stuck to the wall due to limited space, emphasize it to look stylish and not cramped. Paint a vertical strip from the ceiling to the floor with a darker color and place horizontal shelves. The painted wall immediately refers to a modern bookcase, and the table looks like it is part of the composition. 

  • Fridge

If you have an old refrigerator and do not like its appearance, you can very cheaply make it look very stylish and expensive. You can order a sticker, stick it yourself, and peel it off whenever you want. 

  • Pull-out spice rack
With a stylish pull-out spice rack, you will have in hand all materials that you use frequently. Besides spices, you can store coffee, sugar, flour, and salt. You will have instant access, you will know when they finish, and your kitchen will be stylishAlso, with the pull-out spice rack, you make sure that no dust or insects enter.
  • Herbs

Decorate your kitchen with pots. Put different herbs in cups and make a garden with fresh herbs. Cut a wooden shelf the width of your sink. Screw on both ends and create a stand that will add style and space to your herbs. For dried herbs, put your stuff in glass lid food containers. It will be easy to find and use basil or cinnamon when you need it and keep your kitchen stylish.

  • Window

If you have a window in the kitchen and you are not privileged to have a spectacular view, you can stick a sticker with a theme from nature. This sticker allows 30% of natural light to pass through. So the landscape will be as bright as needed in the morning, and washing dishes will be much more relaxing. 

  • Carpet

In the kitchen, apart from being useful, a carpet is also lovely. Choose a raincoat or a rug that can fit in the washing machine as it will need frequent washing.

  • Elvira E
Practical and Functional Organization Tips for Every Room

Practical and Functional Organization Tips for Every Room 0

An organized home space means that he who lives within it can bring out the best in himself. How could you be creative if your closet is overflowing and your kitchen is entirely cluttered? How could you rest at night if your bedroom is a mess? An organized home makes you more productive. That's why we gathered the most practical organization tips for each area of ​​the house. These are the ones that the professionals suggest, and that will surely compensate you.

  • Entrance 

The entrance to the house is usually messy because things do not have their space. Wall hangers, magazine organizers, etc. can provide the solution. Even a basket leaning on the table can help. Prefer to store the shoes in the bedroom's closets or shoe racks so that the house's entrance does not look like a bombarded - from shoes - landscape.

  • Living room

What do you like to do in your living room? How do you spend your time? These answers will guide you on how to fix it. For example, if you spend time relaxing, reading, or watching TV, make sure you have comfortable pillows, a magazine organizer, and a tray to put all your remote controls. Get wool or wicker baskets that suit your style and create a space you like and relax.

  • Kitchen 

Your kitchen should look clean and tidy at first glance. The clutter in the kitchen stems mainly from the fact that some things have no place. If there are things that do not belong in the kitchen area, remove them, and find their place. Put food in order. Discard the expired ones, group them, use jars with labels. The difference will be noticeable.

  • Bedroom

A tidy bedroom will welcome you after a long day. Keep as few things as you can in the bedroom. On the nightstand, for example, keep a reading light, your glasses, and the book you are reading. After all, most of the bedroom space is occupied by the bed - take some time to lay it out. To be motivated, remember how you feel every time you enter a lovely hotel bedroom.

  • Bathroom

Bathrooms generally have limited storage space, so keep just what you use every day. Throw away old make-up and expired medicines and get rid of what you do not need. The hooks on the walls or a shelf system can significantly facilitate the organization in the bathroom. You can hang towels or even jewelry while bathing.

  •  What NOT to do

Organize first and then go shopping

Do not buy dozens of boxes and storage baskets before you clear your space first. After clearing out, go to get what you need. This way, you will save money, and you will not run out of boxes that you will not know where to use.

Do not promise yourself that you will do more than you can do

Do not say how you will spend an entire day organizing the whole house. Very few people have the time and energy to devote 8 hours to home organization. You will probably get tired after a few hours and will not want to continue. Spend 2-3 hours organizing space and spend another day with another room.

Do not think that once you have organized your space, you are done. At some point - it may be quite soon - you will need to repeat some organizational processes.

4 Ideas For Storing Your Broom and Mop

4 Ideas For Storing Your Broom and Mop 0

To have a clean house, you also need the necessary tools, such as the broom, the mop, the dustpan, the duster, and many other essential household items. However, when you are not using them, you need to store them in one place by wasting your free space or a permanent clutter in the area you have placed them.

If you do not want to face a corner of the house with a stacked broom, mop, and whatever other cleaners you use, but you want organization and order to prevail everywhere, take advantage of the following ideas.

  • Non-Slip Utility Hook 

Hang your dustpan, broom, and anything else you use on a special stand in one go. If you store the broom in the balcony corner, it can damage it and bend its pole. Using a Non-Slip Utility Hook, you ensure free space on the floor since everything hangs, neat and in order. You can place the broom or mop at any height you want, thanks to the non-slip hooks and the rust-proof aluminum rail. Hang this unique base either behind a door, the utility room, or the corner of your balcony wall.

  • Broom hook

The broom hook is a stylish and ingenious way to store all of your cleaning tools and is ideal for long-handling items such as brooms and mops. You save space and declutter by hanging your cleaning tools with style in the laundry room, garage, utility room, and even your pantry.

  • Storage cabinet

If you do not have a storage space in your home, then you can make one yourself. One solution is to measure the dimensions you want and order a carpenter to make you an elongated cupboard, the same as the rest of the kitchen cupboards. No one will be able to imagine that you have placed the broom and the mop in there.

  • Bathroom

If you have a large bathroom, you can add cleaning supplies and make a storage corner where you have placed the washing machine. And because no one should discover this secret corner of you, you can hide it by hanging a shower curtain.

4 Living Room Decoration Tips for Beginners

4 Living Room Decoration Tips for Beginners 0

If you want to make small or significant changes in your living room, the necessary ingredients to overflow your space with style are personal touches through smart interventions and choices. Forget the complicated tips and the incomprehensible terminology, and follow our simple suggestions.

Your strategy should express in two words: Elegant and comfortable. Start by adding color - and we do not mean just painting your walls - but to add more personal style. Choose your favorite color or something that reminds you or brings out emotions and around it match different tones and shades from the same color palette. The secondary colors should be not so much on the walls, but on fabrics, furniture, and objects, because you will be able to:

  • Warm-up your space 

Use pillows, drapes, lighting fixtures, paintings, wallpapers, and fabrics, to make significant changes. Make sure these items are not expensive, so you can easily change them, depending on seasons or mood and without overthinking. Do not combine more than four colors; one must necessarily be neutral, add wallpaper on the wall, and two different patterns on the fabrics. Do not limit yourself to the classics. You can now choose your favorite pattern, design, and ask someone to print them on fabric or wallpaper! And do not forget to decorate the walls. Paintings, photos, and mirrors are natural solutions to give a living room interest, style, and personality. 

  • Add fabrics with different texture and patterns 

In addition to the outdated satin, matte, and glossy, you can make your living room stand out by adding fabrics and leathers with different texture and knitting. Thus, you will give depth and intensity. Spread a thick, furry drape on the arms of a leather sofa, combine with curtains, hang a handmade blanket on a tweed chair. Whatever you do, all the different textures - combined with the color - will "take off" your living room! 

  • Add a little oxygen

Plants have the unique ability to bring instant charm to the living room while being very friendly to your wallet! Put the plants in pots and baskets or pots that you already have but are for another use, such as an old enameled pot or a beautiful metal glass. Place them in clusters of three, and combine different foliage, sizes, and heights, always with the tallest ones behind. If you want something very modern, then place three plants of the same size together.

  • Television 

You can combine decorative beauty and technology! If the 50-inch beast wastes all your effort, then decorate around it. Use a TV swivel stand, or a TV lift, and get rid of its usually inelegant table. If you place a few books next to it in a column and an orchid on them, then the cold box will immediately become warmer and more elegant! And as for the DVDs that you do not want to have in plain view, take them out of their boxes and keep them in stylish photo albums that you will proudly place in public view!