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4 Mistakes You Make When Decorating Your Small Apartment

4 Mistakes You Make When Decorating Your Small Apartment

 A small apartment has many benefits. It's affordable, it's cozy and will bring you closer to your mate or family.

But what are the mistakes you used to make, and your small apartment looks even smaller?

See below what are your mistakes and how to fix them.

  • Bathroom
The most common problem: In a small bathroom the most common problem is that its curtain makes it look even smaller.

How to solve it: If you have a bathtub instead of a shower, you can treat it like a shower. One solution is to put glass in your tub so that your space will not visually shrink. Alternatively, a more economical solution is to insert a transparent plastic curtain that will allow you to see through it.
  • Kitchen
The most common problem: You don't have enough kitchen counter and enough storage space.

How to solve it: Invest in a good, large cutting board and put it on top of the stove. It will be like having an extra kitchen counter space for your meals. When it comes to storage space, place shelves on empty walls, if any, and make the most of your kitchen space.
  • Living room
The most common problem: You're not sure where to put anything.

How to solve it: Small lounges can quickly look more welcoming and cozy. Put a few decorations but avoid overdoing them and enrich them with plants, flowers, and books, objects that can give personality to space.
  • Bedroom
The most common problem: You have a lot of clutter that does not reduce.

How to solve it: The "organization" business should start as soon as possible. Make a good clean up in your closet first and get rid of what you haven't worn in the last two years, for your furniture and decorations make the necessary changes and deductions. Replace your big bedside tables with more distinctive bedside tables like two simple stools. Move most of your decorations to other areas of the house and make your bedroom look bigger immediately.

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