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4 Living Room Decoration Tips for Beginners

4 Living Room Decoration Tips for Beginners

If you want to make small or significant changes in your living room, the necessary ingredients to overflow your space with style are personal touches through smart interventions and choices. Forget the complicated tips and the incomprehensible terminology, and follow our simple suggestions.

Your strategy should express in two words: Elegant and comfortable. Start by adding color - and we do not mean just painting your walls - but to add more personal style. Choose your favorite color or something that reminds you or brings out emotions and around it match different tones and shades from the same color palette. The secondary colors should be not so much on the walls, but on fabrics, furniture, and objects, because you will be able to:

  • Warm-up your space 

Use pillows, drapes, lighting fixtures, paintings, wallpapers, and fabrics, to make significant changes. Make sure these items are not expensive, so you can easily change them, depending on seasons or mood and without overthinking. Do not combine more than four colors; one must necessarily be neutral, add wallpaper on the wall, and two different patterns on the fabrics. Do not limit yourself to the classics. You can now choose your favorite pattern, design, and ask someone to print them on fabric or wallpaper! And do not forget to decorate the walls. Paintings, photos, and mirrors are natural solutions to give a living room interest, style, and personality. 

  • Add fabrics with different texture and patterns 

In addition to the outdated satin, matte, and glossy, you can make your living room stand out by adding fabrics and leathers with different texture and knitting. Thus, you will give depth and intensity. Spread a thick, furry drape on the arms of a leather sofa, combine with curtains, hang a handmade blanket on a tweed chair. Whatever you do, all the different textures - combined with the color - will "take off" your living room! 

  • Add a little oxygen

Plants have the unique ability to bring instant charm to the living room while being very friendly to your wallet! Put the plants in pots and baskets or pots that you already have but are for another use, such as an old enameled pot or a beautiful metal glass. Place them in clusters of three, and combine different foliage, sizes, and heights, always with the tallest ones behind. If you want something very modern, then place three plants of the same size together.

  • Television 

You can combine decorative beauty and technology! If the 50-inch beast wastes all your effort, then decorate around it. Use a TV swivel stand, or a TV lift, and get rid of its usually inelegant table. If you place a few books next to it in a column and an orchid on them, then the cold box will immediately become warmer and more elegant! And as for the DVDs that you do not want to have in plain view, take them out of their boxes and keep them in stylish photo albums that you will proudly place in public view!

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