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4 Tips To Make Your Clothes & Wardrobe Smell Fantastic

4 Tips To Make Your Clothes & Wardrobe Smell Fantastic

Do you want your closet and the clothes smell fabulous? Here's how you can accomplish that in 4 easy ways!

  • Herbs in textile bags 

Fill some small cotton bags with herbs (we recommend lavender), close them well, and put them in different parts of your closet. Lavender is perfect for making your clothes, and the inside of your wardrobe smell beautiful.

  • Coffee beans 

A small number of coffee beans can do wonders. Coffee beans absorb bad smells. So putting a few coffee beans in a sachet inside your closet will eliminate the odor in a minute. Once a month, make sure you change the granules to keep the beautiful smell in your wardrobe.

  • Soap

When the soap gets warm, it releases a sweet scent that can give a pleasant fragrance to your clothes. So take a soap bar of your choice and do the following: Put your folded clothes in a large storage box and cover them with a towel or a napkin. Place the soap on top of it. After about 4 hours, the whole box will fill with the beautiful aroma of soap.

  • Vinegar

With the help of vinegar, you can make your worn clothes smell better. If you have stuffed clothes and all you have left to wear in the office is a shirt which is worn (but less worn than anything else), then vinegar is the best option for you. Turn your clothes upside down and mix in an equal amount of water and vinegar. Mix and sprinkle with your mixture (pour a little more on the armpits). Don't worry because the smell of vinegar will evaporate as your clothes dry, so you'll be clean and polished for the office in a few minutes.

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