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Organize Your Closet In Just 8 Days

Organize Your Closet In Just 8 Days

Whether you have a small or a large wardrobe, here are some tips for organizing it as best you can. Experts in organizational matters suggest some excellent ideas on how to fix a closet where chaos prevails.

Organizing is a skill that almost anyone can learn if they make conscious decisions. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make it happen. A proper redesign of the space can turn your chaotic closet into the closet of your dreams.

Follow these 8-day tips, and you will be able to have the most beautiful and organized wardrobe in almost one week.

  • Day 1: Throw away anything you haven't worn in a year

Examine all your belongings carefully and see which ones you haven't worn or used in the last 12 months. If you haven't worn an article of clothing in 1 year, you're not going to wear it next year either.

  • Day 2: Remove anything that is not clothes, shoes or accessories 

A classic mistake that many people make is to place irrelevant things in their closet. Stacks of books, work, notes, and decorations come into the closet and take up the space you need for other things.

  • Day 3: Use the same hangers 

Using the same hangers throughout your closet is an essential part of staying organized. You can find a hanger style that suits you and buy them slowly until you replace all the old hangers. If your closet is modern, get some black powder-coated hangers to illuminate the space.

  • Day 4: Purchase Adjustable Drawers 

Adjustable drawers are the right solution for shoes or folded clothes. They are very convenient, and especially if they are transparent or metal with gaps, you will be able to see what you place inside them.

  • Day 5: Make your shoes easy to access
Shoe fences for shelves have many advantages. They don't cost much compared to other furniture. Shoes are stored open and bring the necessary ventilation and air in them. Also, you can arrange your shoes in order, by color or function. This is a great benefit, especially when you rush in your morning routine and are required to dress quickly. You will know where all your shoes are and choose the most appropriate pair with just a glance.
  • Day 6: Gather all things lying on the floor 

Look around your room. Are there any shoes, clothes or accessories lying on the floor? If so, arrange all articles and accessories in your closet or purchase extra shelves and drawers.

  • Day 7: Place your bags in a convenient place

Most women buy a lot of bags and end up using the same one every day. This happens because they do not have the rest of their bags in a convenient place. Place your bags in a place where you can see them every day. After all, what you do not see in your closet is not going to be worn.

  • Day 8: Re-organize your closet every 3-6 months 
Your closet is not going to be 100% organized forever if you don't sort it out every 3-6 months. For example, every Saturday, you can put it in order so that it is never messy for more than a week.

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